Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Informational Resources to Establish a REMAX Affiliate

Over the course of the past thirty years, a growing number of men and women have literally flocked into the real estate business. One company has grown alongside the boom period experienced in the industry overall: REMAX. Each and every day, men and women the world over seek to become apart of the REMAX affiliate system. Indeed, at the present point in time the REMAX affiliate system is the number one real estate organization in Canada. Additionally, the REMAX affiliate system is a leading real estate organization in the United States. Currently, the REMAX affiliate is in operation in over fifty countries worldwide.

Information on establishing a REMAX affiliate is readily available on the World Wide Web at The website offers a plethora of information about establishing a REMAX affiliate and about the company generally.

The REMAX affiliate was founded in Colorado, USA, in the 1970s by Dave and Gail Liniger. Despite its amazing growth since its inception, the REMAX affiliate remains wholly owned by its original founders. (No other realty company anywhere can make the same claim,)

The REMAX affiliate system has experienced tremendous growth in a number of different locations in the world outside of North America. These include: Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and South America.

The management of the REMAX affiliate system makes note that: �(The REMAX
affiliate system) takes proven techniques and adapts them to local markets, thereby developing a series of tools that real estate professionals find

In addition to obtaining information about the REMAX affiliate system online, any local office of the REMAX affiliate system can assist an interested prospect.